Ultimately, the Green Wall exists under its own terms. It was no marketing campaign that gave it life. No deliberate policy that laid the first brick. The term existed in the first place as a descriptor: of the visual wall of fans in OpTic black and green, lining the walls and chairs.

The Green Wall is the community – the devotees and fans that define the OpTic Gaming culture.

No others are comparable.

Old Men of Optic


With its origins in 2006 as a Call of Duty sniping team to its modern incarnation as the leading esports organization across all of North America, the story of OpTic Gaming is effectively the story of American esports as a whole. Regardless of the era, some things will always be true: that we love gaming; that we love the thrill of competition; and that, regardless of what game or genre we’ve raised a flag of black-and-green over, we’re here to share our excitement and moments of exultation with all those that share our passion.

OpTic Gaming and its affiliated companies are involved in the whole length and breadth of American esports – its famous Call of Duty and Counter-Strike marksmen aside, it is also represented upon the fields of battle in Gears of War, PUBG, DOTA 2, and League of Legends.

But more important than the games and trophies under the OpTic banner are the legions of fans that flock to the organization, coming from all walks of life. The raucous, ubiquitous, and ever-growing Green Wall can be found everywhere that gamers congregate.