It’s not entirely about that circuit life for OpTic Gaming’s pro players. Behind the scrims, the tournaments, the constant travel, there’s simply the game – the reasons they play, and the moments that drew them in. We’ve asked them to share a little about their favorite gaming moments in general – to remember that rush.

“The first time I really started raiding – dedicated raiding almost every night. It’s not an exact moment, but it’s one of by best moments. I kept doing it for quite a long time.”

During a certain period in time, during a certain era in gaming – more than 10 million ex-Azerothians can almost certainly relate. Jonathan ‘Hetror’ Bent was neck-deep in the raiding life for World of Warcraft, vying against gods and monsters alike, queueing up night after night for that next piece of loot that would push his numbers over the top.

“I didn’t play during Vanilla, but I started during Burning Crusade, and probably Ulduar was my favorite raid,” recalled Bent. “That was my peak in intensity for raiding. The whole expansion was great – I loved the environment of the raid, and the fact that I was pushing myself during that time.

“For me, it was interesting because I was the youngest person in the guild raiding. I don’t know when Lich King came out – think I was 14 or 15 or something like that. I was the youngest person in the guild and I was top DPS, so they’d always give me shit but I’d still be carrying them.”

Go to school, come home, and back to raiding – Jonathan can safely say he was addicted back then. But while it was one of the most important gaming moments in his career so far, there was one other title that forged his career.

“Original Call of Duty was when I really started playing on PC,” he notes. “Modern Warfare 2 was my most-played Call of Duty.” The CoD series was arguably what brought him into the competitive scene in general. “Just playing Call of Duty and realizing my competitiveness in shooters, and carrying that on to later Call of Duties, Overwatch, and PUBG.”


Assistant GM Nick kept the recorder rolling and followed up with more questions.

Nick: Favorite non-multiplayer games.

Hetror: The Witcher series.

Hypoc: Bioshock, hands down – the first Bioshock.

Nick: For me, it’s Halo. I’ve never played any of the Gears of War campaigns. I know what happens; I only like the multiplayer. But for Halo, I feel like an incessant need to play.

Hypoc: I’d say it’s close between Halo and Bioshock for me, but Bioshock takes it.

Ian: I just didn’t even – I was the type that any cutscene I could skip, I’d skip. More didn’t matter at all to me, so… I don’t know if I have a great single player…

Hypoc: The last level of Halo, though.

Nick: The first Halo? Where you drive the… that’s classic.

Hypoc: That will go down in history as one of the best single missions from any campaign.

Ian: See, I never played Halo campaign because we never owned a console.

Hypoc: You must played CoD4 campaign, though!

Ian: I never played – I’m just straight to multiplayer.

Nick: So you’ve never played even old Mario games, Pokemon…

Ian: I played a little bit of Mario, like the Gameboy versions, I guess.

Nick: Old Pokemon…

Ian: I’ve played through all of Pokemon; I don’t know if I have a specific one I like better than others. But I never really played through Campaign modes in much stuff.

Hypoc: I’ve got to play CoD4 with you.

Ian: Single-player wise, although it isn’t really campaigny – Civilization. I’ve played a TON of single-player. Starcraft, Warcraft, I’ve never really played through. I’ve played custom games, and stuff like that, and just laddered people.

Nick: You were too busy playing Strip Jessica Alba.