Staying on top of the Greenwall’s various teams and numerous competitions is a daunting task for the seasoned fan – or would be, if it weren’t for Joey Toledo’s diligence. Dedicated members of the Greenwall have long since made it a habit of checking their Twitter feeds to stay on top of the teams’ performances – all thanks to Joey.

Now, the mind behind @OpTicUpdate is, officially, part of OpTic itself.

For newcomers to the Greenwall, Joey’s been at this for a while: “It all started about three, almost four years ago now, when OpTic CoD was playing in Call of Duty Ghosts,” recalled Toledo. “I just started doing end updates, match by match, and all of a sudden people caught on that this could be a good place to go if they ever missed a match.”

Onboarding Joey happened – naturally – through the medium he was already on. “DMs, through Twitter, because that’s the only medium I communicate in,” said Joey, tongue in cheek. OpTic’s marketing and social media leadership contacted him directly with an offer. “I considered [the offer] for a little while, seeing that if I can mix all of my responsibilities with OpTic, if I’ve been doing it for this long, why stop here?”

Joey’s responsibilities are largely a continuation of what he’s done to date – he’ll still be updating the Twitter feed, for one, with extra augmentation coming from OpTic’s other accounts. But on top of that: “with the release of the new site,, I’ll be managing some parts of that – making sure that’s up to date with clerical files, information, and articles that are on there.”

Building upon his role as the Greenwall community’s informative and educative backbone plays well to Joey’s strengths – and what he wants to keep doing in the first place. “I really loved what I’m doing. I loved the OpTic organization as a whole – that personal feeling that you can get with all the players and content creators and pretty much everybody in the organization. That’s just something that connected with me and stayed with me even up to today.

“As OpTic got into more games and with more teams, I just kept doing what I was doing because I loved it, and because the fans loved it as well.” And with official support now behind him, he’ll be doing it for quite a while longer.