That electric tension OpTic DOTA fans are feeling is emanating all the way out from China. The team remains in contention for a chance at outright qualifying for TI8 - assuming, of course, that they can make it through the gauntlet and place high enough to secure a top-four finish. Plans to do so, however, did suffer a notable setback: a 1-2 defeat in the hands of Team Secret puts OpTic DOTA in the lower-bracket run, greatly increasing the difficulty of the task ahead.

Team captain Peter Dager found a chance in the downtime to catch up with to discuss the experience thus far. And the verdict is: eerily familiar. "We are at the same location as DAC, so the experience has been almost identical as a few months ago," said Dager. "We know the area, and have our favorite spots already picked out."

OpTic Gaming's time at the DOTA 2 Asia Championships was cut short by Mineski and TNC Pro Team last time around, and the Supermajor looks like a chance to take revenge on at least one of them. In fact, said Peter: "It's almost too familiar, and feels like some weird continuation of the previous LAN."

Before then, though, there's some fine-tuning to do after his break. Secret caught them by surprise, an experiential luxury they cannot now afford. "Secret has been playing much better this tournament, but we still felt like we could win," said Peter. But their prepwork clashed against battlefield conditions. "Our matchup knowledge of some heroes was incorrect, and with Lycan banned in games two and three, we didn't have an appropriate response to their strategy."

Coincidentally, their prep work needs to account for possible rematches against both Mineski and TNC in the lower bracket too, this time around. But before then, there's EG to take down, the results of TNC vs VGJ.Storm to await, and the upper bracket results to hope for. "No opinion on VGJ or TNC," said Peter. "Would prefer LGD over, but they are both beatable."

The China Supermajor resumes today at 10 Eastern, 7 PM Pacific.