I like to start off with apologies, to get them out of the way of the fun stuff. First: I had an interview with Sean O’Malley, but made the mistake of trusting a phone app to work as advertised – or, rather, to keep working as it used to after updates. The interview was fun, he’s an avid Fortnite fan, and though it isn’t at all on me to arrange such matters, I’d love to see him and Courage duo it up one of these days.

It’s just too bad that I only caught my half of the conversation in the recording. Well damn.

But to digress: we’re now three weeks in since Greenwall.gg’s launch, and we’ve fired off one salvo of news after another – Romain and Nick as GM and Assistant GM, roster changes for Gears of War and League of Legends, dropping into Fortnite, and a slew of player profiles to personalize ‘em better than they were elsewhere.

It could use more content, though. Which is where we now get into the fun stuff.

I have a budget. I have a content calendar I need to fill up. You’ve already read analysis from Mireu and Damian about League of Legends and the Overwatch League, respectively, who I basically used as literary guinea pigs to see how we’d want our approach to stories and the publishing process to go (and, even more importantly, how my editorial process’s going to shake out).

Now I need you. CoD enthusiasts. Gears grunts. Battle Royale beat writers. Well, really, beat writers for all of our scenes – and more.

My vision for Greenwall.gg, now that we have all the structural material squared away, is to make it a site that’s reflective of the community’s interests as a whole. That includes all of the scenes we’re in, of course, with an expert and enthusiast’s voice to shed an authentic light upon aspects of it that are often overlooked. But more than that – a reflection of the Greenwall’s values, interests, and concerns, even if that leads us outside the orthodox sphere of esports itself.

Of course, you don’t build the Great Wall in a day. For now, let’s focus on the core: the games we love, the writers that love them, and the stories that reflect that love.

Tell me a tale.

- James Chen

Freelance candidates should send their portfolios or writing samples (minimum two) to [email protected] Please include background about yourself (a resume or CV will do), and what games you intend to cover.