OpTic Gaming’s international expansion began with its debut upon the Indian subcontinent, picking up and establishing its second Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and adjacent programs. But that wasn’t the whole of its international project and ambitions.

The Green Wall now bridges southward of the central organization’s Texas headquarters, establishing a foothold upon Latin American soil. With the acquisition of one of the region’s most successful sets of Gears of War talents, OpTic Gaming’s mission to bolster the esports infrastructure of developing markets continues apace.

The OpTic Mexico Gears of War team will comprise of Hector ‘Dezonide’ Becerra, Reynaldo ‘ChaoZ’ Tosado, Carlos ‘Addvers’ Navarro, Rogelio ‘Sleeafer’ Rojo, and Carlos ‘Monkyz’ Minguez, with coach Carlos ‘Demize’ Betancour continuing his role with the team. This specific squad has proven consistently dominant in MLG’s GameBattles 2K Series LATAM division this year, and boast a third-place GPC Las Vegas Open international result as well.

Their introduction to the OpTic International program comes with additional outreach programs.

Social Media – To better interface with the Mexican esports community, OpTic Gaming is launching a dedicated all-Spanish social media presence.

Championship Green – An all-new line of apparel celebrates the launch of the OpTic Mexico program.

OpTic Gaming’s long stewardship as the face of American esports gives its a uniquely in-depth perspective and experience in the growth and maturation of the esports industry. That experience will now be leveraged abroad to help increase growth and opportunities for regions whose fanbase’s zeal and passion aren’t quite yet matched by their infrastructural capabilities.