Patch 8.15 is the one that is going to be played for most regions playoffs and the last patch before the start of the World Championship. The biggest change of the patch is the change to items in the bot lane critical damage items got cheaper with Infinity Edge and Stormrazor also receiving recipe changes. This patch analysis will not include thoughts on the Akali rework. Click here for that.


  • Fiora - Patch 8.15 had no changes for any of the most played top lane picks in competitive play, Aatrox, Dr.Mundo and Gnar. OpTic in recent weeks have been winning with Dhokla on split push, dueling champions. Fiora is the top pick because OpTic is the only team that has show this as an answer to Aatrox who has a 99% presence in pick ban.
  • Jayce - Jayce is a second pick that OpTic could use if they want to run split push with a strong early game bully. It’s also a comfort pick for Dhokla with a career record of 5-1 with a strong matchup against tanks who can’t match Jayce’s aggression.
  • Irelia - As more lip service to the patch notes than a pick to expect. Power was shifted from almost all of her abilities, which gave her burst damage and let her work in the mid lane, to her passive which gives her more auto-attack trade damage. Overall, the champion went power negative, but because her overall kit is so strong she should still work in the top lane where fights tend to be more extended and allow her to be more auto-attack than spell combo focused.


  • Lee Sin - The latest change can be viewed a more of a pseudo-buff, but anytime Lee Sin gets some love he tends to come flying back into the meta. His Q, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, had power shifted, increasing the damage ratio in exchange for losing base damage, meaning he scales a better when building more AD. Also the execute damage changed to work better against champions with less health. Lee is Akaadian’s 4th most played champion and it seems like most junglers who are good at the champion just need an excuse to bring him back.
  • Kindred - Kindred got nerfed this patch. However, they should still be a potent option in the jungle as the nerfs were not what made Kindred strong. Lamb’s Respite getting 20 seconds added at all ranks seem huge, but consider Kindred isn’t a champion who uses her ult on cooldown. It’s an ability that tends to get used most often when large objectives-focused team fights happen and usually in response to when the enemy pulls their own trigger. The loss of attack speed on Wolf will be felt, its DPS is down no matter how you swing it, but they are still very strong from what she gained in patch 8.13.
  • Olaf - The berserker is always a scary champion to give a buff to, especially a massive one, since he tends to either not exist or be extremely oppressive. Gaining 15% attack speed on all ranks of his W means his clear speed and dueling potential increased. It’s hard to tell if this is a champion worth picking up, especially because Akaadian doesn’t have a winning record on it, but much like a champion we will get to later, this buff could be so massive that you’ll have to learn because it becomes first pick or ban status.


  • Syndra - Although this patch is very small, it’s one with a few buffs to a couple of champions that potentially could rocket them back into the meta, Syndra being one. Gaining 20/15/10/5 base damage on the first four levels of her Q - Dark Sphere makes her stronger in the early game. RIght now the meta in the mid lane is very fragile with champions that want to sit back and scale, meaning Syndra could come in as a lane bully that takes advantage of such champions that have weaker early to mid games, where she naturally shines. This is also POE’s second most played champion of all time, and that comfortability can take this from a niche pick to something that can be a staple in the OpTic tool belt.
  • Fizz - The buffs to Fizz could be similar to Olaf’s where the champion is now strong enough that teams need to learn him. Gaining both base damage and damage ratios on his W and his R, Fizz gained the damage of an extra sheen proc on his Seastone Trident, and more nuke damage when he decides to all in a champion on Chum the Waters. Fizz has always been something situational that thrives against champions who can’t handle his early to mid game power and although POE has never played a game on him professionally, this could be pick you can’t ignore.


  • Twitch - This champion is so strong but no one is playing it. With the debate on the strength of how good Infinity Edge is right now, Twitch is a champion that wants to build Blade of the Ruin King, which got cheaper a while back, and then a Zeal item, as all of them got cheaper. These changes mean that a hyper carry that wants this build path comes online faster. t also helps that Arrow is 13-6 on the champion and known for being a hyper carry specialist.
  • Stormrazor ADCs - Stormrazor, unlike Infinity Edge, didn’t lose as much power from getting cheaper, and received a better build path with cheaper components. The champions that benefit the most are ones that build Stormrazer as a single item power spike and of those champions. Draven is a champion who first builds them item and is a lane bully. Arrow historically was known for his strong play on the champion, making Draven a surprise pick in the OpTic tool belt.


  • AP Mage Supports - This patch increased the cost of the starting support items by 50 gold, meaning supports bring 1 less potion into lane meaning 150 less health during the start of the game. This is a great chance for high damage mage supports like Zyra, Malzahar, and Karma to come in and be lane bullies, all champions Big has had success on. The biggest shift in the meta could be passive support champions fading away since they have less sustain in favor of damage focused ones.
  • Thresh - The king of all the supports has been absent from the game for a long while, but with sizable damage buffs to his Flay and a reduced cooldown on his Dark Passage, he’s a champion that is right on the outside of the meta. More importantly his main counter Morgana and her Black Shield mana cost and cooldown increased. Thresh still has a hard time against champions who can poke him out of lane, so right now this is more of a shout out pick than one we can reasonably expect to see out of OpTic.