In just under two weeks time, the biggest Call of Duty event of the year will take place - Call of Duty World Championships. This annual event boasts a $1,500,000 prize pool, with the winning team taking home up to $150,000 for each player.

OpTic Gaming has participated in every single Call of Duty Championships, as only one of three teams to have done so -- the other two being Team EnVy and Epsilon eSports. A curse has plagued OpTic, with them either placing third or 7-8th, and was only broken last year where the team of Ian “Crimsix” Porter, Seth “Scump” Abner, Damon “Karma” Barlow, and Matthew “Formal” Piper came first. Though only the former half of the roster remains, both Crimsix and Scump will be looking to add another prestigious ring to their collection, while Sam “Octane” Larew and Anthony “Methodz” Zinni are looking for their first.

Their last tournament, Season Two playoffs, wasn’t the result either the players nor the fans were expecting--a disappointing 7-8th finish to add to a rather bumpy season. However, OpTic are looking to end the season on a high. Today, we have an interview with Methodz, one of OpTic Gaming's newer AR players, to see what the team learned from Playoffs, and what they are changing in the lead up to the biggest tournament of the year.

Looking Back

“Season Two playoffs was heartbreaking for all of us,” said Methodz when asked about how he felt after the event. “We expected to come home winning the tournament and then to place the exact opposite was really depressing.” He continued on saying, “(Going into Champs) We are trying to focus as much as possible on Search and Destroy and CTF.” This is evident by the team playing in Search and Destroy tournaments, as well as asking to practice with renowned SnD players like Ted “Teddyrecks” Kim. “We think, and a lot of other players think, we are still the best Hardpoint team in the game, but unfortunately it’s not the only game mode.” Finally, Methodz is confident that “if we win one Search and Destroy per series, we’ll win Champs.”

Search and Destroy has been statistically the plague of OpTic Gaming throughout the season. “We have the most talented team in the game and so we always feel like we need to make a hero play,” Methodz commented, before adding: “I think it’s a little bit of overconfidence and a little bit of greed.” He also feels that they have “problems communicating late round” and that there is “a lack of patience sometimes,” something that they are working on.

Speculation has circulated around the scene about how the players do not feel confident in themselves. When asked, Methodz replied: “I can’t speak for my teammates, but my confidence is at an all-time high.” He followed up saying, “Ian and Seth had a bad weekend and it’s the first time I’ve seen them have an event like that,” and “people are trying to justify (the bad performance), while in reality two of the best Call of Duty players of all time simply had a bad event.” To combat this, Methodz announced that they are “having a boot camp in Texas” to make sure everything is perfect come Champs.

“We are the best Hardpoint team,” Methodz reiterated. “We have four top slayers in our team. Even if two have a bad map, any player can carry at a single time.”

“Just to clarify, I think we’re going to win (Champs)” Methodz joked when asked who their biggest competition is, and who would be the victor if OpTic didn’t win Champs. “If we didn’t win, I would say either Rise or Red Reserve. TK had a great event (at Season Two playoffs) and certainly can do it again, but I think Rise or Red.”

Following up from the previous question, Methodz said that “he didn’t mind playing anybody” and that you “have to beat who’s in front of you.” It was clear that Methodz was oozing confidence.

Closing Questions

“What is your favourite map in WWII and why is it Zinni’s forest” got a good laugh out of the 20-year-old. “Honestly, my playstyle fits it correctly. However, I think my favourite map at the moment is London Docks because of the meta shift that allowed for you to have a smoke. It makes the map hectic.”

“I’d like to thank the fans immensely for the support through these tough two tournaments. They need to know that we care just as much as they do. This is our life and to not perform is heartbreaking in every aspect of the word.” Methodz began to close off, adding “the fans have treated me with nothing but respect and I thank them for that.”

Tune in August 15th-19th where OpTic will be fighting for that $600,000 Call of Duty Championships 2018.