Despite the core of Gilbert “Xplosive” Rojo, Billy “MentaL” Putman Jr, and Alex “SuMuNs” Ascencion having been signed to OpTic for over two years, not many know a lot about the dominant, multi-winning trio. Pair that up with the new additions of Arody “Praized” Dipre and Brain “SoLurS” Valenzuela and there is a lot of unknown knowledge of the players behind the gamertags - from how they got their name to how they joined the team.

Luckily, help is at hand. Nicholas “Ashes” Ridgeway, Assistant General Manager of OpTic Gaming and coach of the Gears of War squad, started up a new series on his YouTube channel called “The Gears Cast.” While the name may not be the most original, the podcast will give out original facts about the players that you may have never known.

The first episode covered fifty minutes of stories about roster changes, how they feel the competition is, as well as many other things within the Gears of War community and the players themselves. There may even be a little bit of bad manners involved…

To get a little more information on the new series, I asked Ashes a few questions.

Ashes Interview

“The Gears team are hilarious guys behind the scenes and most people who aren't at events or hanging out with us don't get to see their personalities.” Ashes responded when asked why he decided to make the podcast. “We hoped that the Gears Cast would bring more attention to the person behind the gamertag as well as to Gears of War as an esport.”

“We haven't really set a schedule for it, but ideally I would like to have one go up every 2-3 weeks. That gives enough time for new things to happen to talk about while also being frequent enough that it stays relevant,” Ashes said. “Assuming that it gains traction and the support continues to be amazing, we want to be able to have guests on it. Casters, Refs from events, content creators, players from other teams, etc. That could spark some very interesting conversations.”

Ashes reiterated his final point of getting other people from the community in the podcasts, saying “That is why we specifically chose the title of ‘The Gears Cast.’ This is a Gears of War podcast that happens to be hosted by OpTic Gaming Gears of War. Like I said, we want to be able to bring on all kinds of guests to add new perspectives and dynamics to the podcast. We have a lot of big ideas and exciting plans!”

Final Plug

These podcasts are planned to release 2-3 weeks apart, and you are sure to get your fix on the Gears of War team and the scene in general, be it with news and gossip or just getting to know the players a little more.

Make sure to check out the first episode of “The Gears Cast” here and make sure to subscribe to Ashes’ channel to get the notification of when the next podcast has been released.