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High School Esports League Teams Up with OpTic Gaming and Associated Organizations
News By Obscurica Jul 14
The High School Esports League (HSEL), a year-long competitive esports program for North American high school students...
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Editor’s Note – June 22, 2018
Community By Obscurica Jun 22
I like to start off with apologies, to get them out of the way of the fun stuff. First: I had an interview with Sean...
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Remembering the Rush: Alejandro 'Alex' Ascension
Community By Obscurica Jun 15
Alejandro ‘Alex’ Ascension grew up in a Nintendo household. His brothers and sisters were, as with many, fans of...
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Remembering the Rush: Gilbert 'Xplosive' Rojo
Community By Obscurica Jun 14
OpTic Gaming Gears of War captain Gilbert ‘Xplosive’ Rojo has led his team to victory after victory – and it should...
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OpTic Gaming Finalizes League of Legends Roster for 2018 NA LCS Summer Split
News By Mireu Jun 13
With the start of 2018 NA LCS Summer Split just around the corner, OpTic Gaming has announced their line up on social...
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OpTic Arena Opens Today!
Announcement By Obscurica Jun 08
The doors have opened, the lights have turned on, and the party has officially arrived to Fort Worth, Texas! OpTic...
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Esports Management Reacts to DOTA Pro Circuit Changes
Article By Obscurica Jun 06
By now, Dota 2 esports fans are well aware that systemic changes are on the horizon for how the pro circuit is...
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Remembering the Rush: Jonathan 'Hetror' Bent
Community By Obscurica Jun 04
It’s not entirely about that circuit life for OpTic Gaming’s pro players. Behind the scrims, the tournaments, the...
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Updating OpTic: Welcome to Joey Toledo
Announcement By Obscurica Jun 04
Staying on top of the Greenwall’s various teams and numerous competitions is a daunting task for the seasoned fan – or...
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