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Unit Cohesion: Gade on OpTic CSGO
Article By Lydia Mitrevski Aug 16
Back in February 2018, OpTic as an organization was still deciding what kind of force it wanted to be within...
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Coach Zaboutine and Evolving OpTic League of Legends, Part 1
Article By Eric Alejandrino Aug 15
With playoffs looming in just a few weeks, got the chance to sit down with Coach Thomas ‘Zaboutine’...
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OpTic Dota Picks Up VKGame Sponsorship Ahead of The International 8
By Obscurica Aug 09
FRISCO, TEXAS – August 7, 2018 – With a trip to Vancouver soon on the horizon, it’s about time that OpTic Gaming’s Dota...
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Courage Under Fire: Jack Dunlop Reviews the Black Ops 4 Beta
Community By Obscurica Aug 09
Long before Fortnite came about, long before bricks and planks magically levitated themselves into place around him,...
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Packing for Vancouver: Summit Sets the Stage for OpTic DOTA's TI8
Article By Chelsea Jack Aug 08
The OpTic Gaming DOTA 2 team had a rough run at Beyond the Summit’s DOTA Summit 9. After placing in the middle of the...
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Crunch Time for Champs: Methodz on OpTic Call of Duty's Performance
Article By Liam Gregory Aug 07
In just under two weeks time, the biggest Call of Duty event of the year will take place - Call of Duty World...
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League of Legends Patch 8.15 Affects OpTic LoL's Champion Pool
Article By Eric Alejandrino Aug 06
Patch 8.15 is the one that is going to be played for most regions playoffs and the last patch before the start of the...
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Select Your Skirmish: Breaking Down the Fortnite Competitive Experiment
Article By Alex Boardman Aug 02
On the 21st of May this year, Epic changed the esports landscape when they announced a $100 million dollar prize pool...
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Alternative Win Condition: Ranking OpTic CSGO
Article By Lydia Mitrevski Aug 01
Almost every esport has some type of World Championship: a culmination of a season, year, or league; something that...
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