It’s the last day of May, my Inkling Girl Amiibo’s splatted itself off the monitor as I panic and yank the screen toward our web dev and designers to figure out why an embedded image’s exploded itself all over the preview page. There’s a queue of articles to go through, I’m resigned to waiting ‘til late at night to get the last of the interviews in, our freelancers are sending in invoices, and I’ve got a content plan to hash out for the next couple of weeks.

Launching a website’s kinda fun.

If you see this, it means nothing major’s broken down between this evening and tomorrow morning, when we launch the site proper. That means there’s now a slate of content waiting for you to read, enjoy, share, discuss, and – given that this is the age of social media, Reddit, and memes – argue and speculate over incessantly.

And all that means that is ready to go.

Welcome, OpTic family, to your home away from home. From here, we’ll be making announcements, diving in-depth on our teams, showing off what our designers’ve been cooking up for you, and keeping you up to date on what’s happening down in our end of this gigantic community that’s been growing since 2006 – older, hah, than many of the esports that it now has a hand in. And this wall is only growing, as our upcoming announcements will demonstrate.

Some of our projects are known, like our vanguard on the Indian subcontinent, spearheading the growth of esports upon lands yearning to join the rest of the world in the hunt for glory. Or like our plans to further our presence in League of Legends and elsewhere. The rest – well. We’ll discuss the rest when their related projects have ripened in due time.

I, your humble editor and correspondent, will make sure you learn of all that we do, and all that we’ve put in motion. Right here.

Stay tuned.

- James "Obscurica" Chen