A good squad operates with coordination and covering fire, and OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty squad is ready to break out the big guns. With major changes to both the game and the competitive scene on the horizon, the squad is proud to announce the acquisition of newcomers Thomas ‘TJ’ Haly (SMG), and Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell (AR) to the main lineup – making this a rare occasion where they’re watching each other’s flanks instead of trying to catch each other off-guard.

“[My favorite moment] I’d probably say… dropping 20 kills on Game Five, against Rise at Dallas,” said Dashy with a sly look at his newest teammate. “That was my best moment, Game Five. Tied Crim’s record, actually; that was pretty cool.”

For both of them, joining OpTic means joining the standard that they’ve aspired to since the start. For TJ, it’s a matter of finding that missing piece. “I was on Rise last year – had some success, but we kind of failed at the big tournaments. Looking forward to playing with OpTic – they’re a great team, great players.”

Similarly for Dashy, dissatisfaction with his prior performance is paired with respect for OpTic’s history of excellence, and what he’d be able to do on the organization. But for both of them, there’s an extra wrinkle involved – tradition, after all, doesn’t usually include a 5v5 mode in competitive CoD.

“Going into BO4, they just announced it was going to be 5v5,” affirmed Dashy, speaking for the both of them. “It’s going to be a little bit of a change of pace, but I’m super excited for it.”

There’s not a whole lot of familiarity with the 5v5 mode yet for either of them, prompting limited discourse on the impact it might have on team play. But that’s not to say they haven’t been playing a lot of Black Ops 4… in a sense. Like with everybody else in the scene, they’ve already sunk quite a few hours into the other best-known change to the game: the Blackout Battle Royale mode.

“Blackout looks amazing, man!” exclaimed Dashy. “Do I think it’s going to be bigger than… A lot of people compare it to Fortnite, but honestly, I just enjoy it because it’s really freaking good. For CoD and Treyarch to pull off something like this is really impressive. I’m really excited for it – hopefully it’s not too good so it takes away from the competitive scene, but it’s good! It’s good.”

With OpTic’s Call of Duty squad beefed up to five triggermen for the upcoming competitive season, you can expect to see Dashy and TJ taking on the competition soon in their new black-and-green threads.